The number of points you get depends on the type and length of survey. You can redeem your points once you have accumulated 2000 points, which is equivalent to £20. We will make your cash incentive payment via PayPal.

Build up your points rapidly

When we send you an email invitation to participate in a survey it will contain details of the points available. 100 points equals £1.00. We provide you with a variety of surveys to take part in and you can potentially earn up to £120 per survey.

Registering with us is easy

All you need to do to register with us is click on the bregister nowb button and provide us with your information. We will then send you a confirmation email. If you wish to opt out at any stage, simply use the unsubscribe tool on the email invitation. This will mean you will not receive any emails from us again unless you decide to re-register.

Redeem your cheque/vouchers once you have accumulated 2000 points which is equivalent to £20.

''I have joined liquid opinions as I enjoy doing surveys and at the same time I will have the opportunity to make money from home''.

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